Past exhibitions

Past exhibitions
The weightless world of Marc Chagall
16 september 2017 - 16 april 2018
Marc Chagall, Sculptures
27 May - 28 August 2017
Henri Olivier, Shadow trail
from February 4th to April 30th 2017
The song of songs. The colour revealed
from July 9th to November 14th 2016
from January 20th to February 10th 2016
Marc Chagall and the music
from March 5th mars to June 13th 2016
Nice, Sunshine, Flowers
from July 4th to September 21rst 2015
Marc Chagall, Woven works
from March 21rst to June 22nd 2015
"The Life" by Marc Chagall
from June 14th to October 6th 2014