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IMPORTANT - the museum will be closed from 1 pm to 2 pm, every day except Tuesday (closing day). We thank you for your attention and apologise for any inconvenience caused during your visit.

The bookshop of the Chagall Museum is open every day, except Tuesday, May 1st, December 25th and January 1st.
from 10 am to 5.40 pm
: from May to the end of October
from 10 am to 4.40 pm : from November to the end of April

The shop offers a wide range of reference works on modern art and more particularly on the work of Marc Chagall and his contemporaries: catalogues and guidebooks in various languages, scientific publications, and introductory books on art for children.

You will also find reproductions of Marc Chagall's works, a selection of jewellery, casts from the Ateliers du Louvre, scarves, T-shirts, cultural objects and local handicrafts, all of which are original gifts that will allow you to keep a precious souvenir of your visit. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or to place an order.

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Books selection

Chagall politique. Le Cri de liberté
exhibition catalog

Chagall politique

Marc Chagall, over the course of a life crossed by two wars and an exile, is at the origin of a work powerfully anchored in the history of the 20th century. An emblematic figure of displacement and migration, the artist travels the world through the torments of the century, from the Russian Empire to France, from Germany to Palestine, from the United States to Mexico and, finally, in Mediterranean.

His art, imbued with a deep humanism and a strong political consciousness nourished by his Jewish roots and by the plurality of discovered cultures, is the messenger of an unfailing commitment to man and his rights, to equality and tolerance between beings. Carried by a great cry of freedom, it confronts the eye with wars and artistic battles, transcended by poetic force and imagination, the power of derision and humor.

Pencil and brush thus become weapons of peace, revealing the unconditional idealism of the “painter witness to his time”, his unshakeable faith in harmony and universal peace between men.

Editions Gallimard, 312 pages. Price: 35 €

Chagall. Voyage dans la Bible - Unpublished studies and gouaches

Voyage dans la Bible

In this work, three major specialists in modern art and Marc Chagall look at the work of illustrating the Bible carried out by the artist in 1930 and 1931, at the request of the publisher Ambroise Vollard.

Critics already knew the forty preparatory gouaches for the Bible engravings. But the recent discovery of the twenty-two unpublished studies collected in this book revolutionizes the understanding of this work.

These studies form a set where watercolor, gouache, pastel, ink and pencil mingle. Even more spontaneous than his gouaches, they seem to reflect the anxiety and the silent threats of a tragic time.

Editions Maradaga, 240 pages. Price: 69.90 €


Les Fables de La Fontaine illustrées par Marc Chagall - Prestige model

Les Fables

“One of my most tenacious ambitions as a publisher had been to publish La Fontaine’s Fables, properly illustrated. It was the Russian painter Marc Chagall that I asked for the illustration of the book. We did not understand this choice of a Russian painter to interpret the most French of our poets. Now it is precisely because of the fabulist's oriental sources that I had thought of an artist to whom his origins and his culture made this prestigious Orient familiar. My hopes were not disappointed: Chagall produced a hundred dazzling gouaches.”
Ambroise Vollard, Memories of a picture dealer, Paris, 1937
So remembers Ambroise Vollard, the famous art dealer who, in 1926, entrusted Marc Chagall with this project.
This work celebrates this dialogue between two exceptional artists, La Fontaine, a dazzling stylist and moralist of human nature, and Marc Chagall, who delivers his dreamlike and personal vision of the Fables, nourished by the snowy landscapes of Vitebsk and by an animism inherited from traditions Hasidic cultures from Eastern Europe, punctuated with the colors and atmospheres of Brittany, Auvergne and the South of France.

Hazan Editions, 240 pages. Price: 60 €


Chagall - Monographie,  éditions Citadelles et Mazenod


This abundantly illustrated monograph will immerse you in detail in the world of Marc Chagall thanks to a complete approach to the life and work of the artist.

A reference work that will find its place in the library of art lovers and Chagall lovers.

Editions Citadelles and Mazenod, 384 pages. Price: €199


Mes docs art : Marc Chagall

Mes docs arts Chagall

You will also find works for young people because Chagall's universe resembles a dream, and the fantasy that is specific to him speaks to children!

In Chagall, lovers float entwined in the sky, disproportionately large violinists, who sometimes have their heads upside down, play above Russian isbas, farm animals appear everywhere and rub shoulders with circus artists …all in a shimmering colorful universe.

This book explores, in the style of a story, the key moments in the life of Marc Chagall. Through 13 essential works, paintings, book illustrations, stained glass, ceramics, engravings, lithography, discover Chagall and his multiple talents.

Milan Editions, 40 pages. Price: 8.90 €

Reference publications on the work of Marc Chagall


The Album of the collections of the Marc Chagall National Museum

Collections du MNMC

The Album of the collections of the Marc Chagall National Museum
Illustrated with beautiful archive photographs retracing the artist's career, this work offers comments on his masterpieces, allowing a better understanding of the artist's iconography and technique. This catalog, written by the museum's curators, is an essential tribute to a painter who devoted his entire life to developing a true poetic grammar in painting with universal scope.

This guide is available in French, English and Japanese.

Editions GrandPalaisRmn, 128 pages. Price: 19.50 €


Visitor guide of the national museum Marc Chagall, Nice

guide de visite

Since 1973, the Marc Chagall National Museum has housed the most important collection of the artist's works in the world. The 17 paintings making up the Biblical Message, his most famous religious work, are permanently exhibited there. This guide presents these magnificent paintings and also covers, with other significant works produced at different periods, the full extent of Chagall's work.

This guide is available in French, English, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Editions GrandPalaisRmn, 48 pages. Price: 8 €



The "Baie des anges" Collection based on a 1962 lithograph : 

  • Notebook 15x21cm, 64 pages, lined sheets. Price : 7.90 €
  • Spiral notebook 17x22cm, 148 pages, small squares. Price : 12.90 €
  • Elasticated notebook. Price : 4.90 €
  • Cardboard pouch. Price : 8.50 €
  • Polypro shirt. Price: 6.50 €

The bookstore-boutique offers you a wide choice of notebooks, notebooks, pouches, and other stationery items illustrated with Chagall's most beautiful works: La Danse (1950-1952), Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel (1938), Le Cantique des Cantiques, and more.

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