Conferences and symposiums

Conferences and symposiums
Lecture by Ondine Bréaud-Holland
October 2024
Lecture by Elsa Dorlin
Tuesday 16 April 2024, 7pm
Lecture by Michel Pastoureau
Tuesday 9 April 2024, 7pm
Lecture by Jérémie Koering
Tuesday 6 February 2024, 7pm
Lecture by Barbara Cassin
Tuesday 9 January 2024, 7pm
Lecture by Christian Vivier
Tuesday 5 December 2023, at 7 pm
Lecture by Jan Blanc
Tuesday 3th October 2023, at 7pm
Conference by Philippe Descola
Tuesday 28th February 2023, at 7pm
Lecture by Ralph Dekoninck
Tuesday 4th April 2023, at 7pm