Léger and the New Realists
from June 15th to November 18th 2024
Léger fashion parade !
from February 24 to May 27 2024
Pierrick Sorin - Pierrick on the moon
from to 1st to 3rd December 2023
Pierrick Sorin
from 15 April to 29 January 2024
Elizabeth Price, User Group Disco
from 19 November to 27 February 2023
Fernand Léger's landscapes
from 8 October 2022 to 27 February 2023
Ensemble mécanique by Winfried Ritsch
Until November 7th 2022
Fernand Léger and the cinema
from June 11th to September 19th 2022
The Transport des Forces moves at the Léger museum !
from May 19th 2021 to May 15th 2022