visite virtuelle, chapelle Picasso, La Guerre et la Paix, musée national, Vallauris, 2023.
Immersive digital tour

Virtual visit of the Picasso chapel

Immerse yourself in the masterpiece of War and Peace!
from March 13th 2024
Musée national Pablo Picasso, La Guerre et la Paix

Online visit
Immerse yourself in the masterpiece War and Peace !


Visite virtuelle Vallauris entrée - Zoomer

The Service des Musées de France and the National Museum du XXth century in the Alpes-Maritimes have undertaken a complete digitisation of the Musée National Pablo Picasso, War and Peace. Thanks to this digitisation work, bringing together high-resolution 3D views and 360° photos, it is possible, from March 13rd 2024, to embark on a fun digital voyage of (re)discovery of Picasso's masterpiece. Immersed in the architecture and atmosphere of the chapel, this online tour will be complemented by interactive educational content offering an original reading of the work, as close as possible to the details of Picasso's painting. 

Starting with an axonometric perspective of the site, you will discover every nook and cranny of the architecture of the chapel and the former Vallauris priory, step by step, before immersing yourself in the context and creative process of War and Peace, Pablo Picasso's major work of universal symbolic significance, which illustrates his fight for peace. Each stage of the visit will be accompanied by historical and iconographic comments on this exceptional French national heritage site. 

This digital tour also responds to the major challenges of accessibility and visibility of the work, across geographical and cultural boundaries, enabling all audiences to enjoy a unique artistic and sensory experience.

Wherever you are, explore the Musée national Picasso - War and Peace ! From your phone, tablet or computer, visit its spaces, discover this masterpiece from the second half of the 20th century, zoom in on the smallest details, contemplate the intimate space of this chapel... The experience is immersive, autonomous and possible from anywhere... as long as you're connected to the internet!

After your visit, please let us know what you think by filling in the satisfaction survey included in the tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

To access the virtual tour online, click on one of the images above or on the link here

vue chapelle Picasso, La Guerre et la Paix, les Quatre parties du monde (c) Succession Picasso, Paris

This online tour, supported by the Service des musées de France of the Ministry of Culture and produced by Zooomez, is aimed at all audiences. Whether you're an enthusiast, a teacher, a mediator or just curious, don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to take a trip with your friends and family, your pupils and anyone else who might be interested! And if you can, come and see us in Vallauris to discover the museum and its works for real! 

If you'd like to take a virtual tour of other national museums through your computer screen, take a look at the catalogue of online tours of the Ministry of Culture's museums

This virtual tour project was made possible thanks to : 

Ministère de la culture - Service des musées de France : 
Project coordination: Anne Dubile, Philomène Dubrun and Julie Vincent-Carrefour
Scientific supervision: Anne Dopffer, Isabelle Le Bastard, Gaïdig Lemarié
Project manager for the Pablo Picasso National Museum, La Guerre et La Paix: Gaïdig Lemarié

Production: Zooomez SAS
360° photography: Vidéos drone
Post-production: Philippe Darcissac
3D scanning - graphic design - creation of the virtual tour: Carole le Gall

All rights reserved: Ministère de la Culture, service des musées de France - GrandPalaisRmn - Musée nationaux du XXe siècle des Alpes-Maritimes - Zooomez SAS

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View of the main entrance to the former priory in Vallauris, where the Pablo Picasso National Museum is located, War and Peace. View of the painted decor of the chapel by Pablo Picasso, War, Peace (1952, details) and The Four parts of the World (1957). Photos © DR / musées nationaux du XXe siècle des Alpes-Maritimes © Succession Picasso, Paris, 2024.  

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