Past exhibitions

Past exhibitions
"Chagall and I !" The 50th anniversary of the Chagall Museum - Part 2
from May 13 2023 to January 8, 2024
Chagall and I ! 50 years of the Marc Chagall national Museum
from 28 January 2023 to 8 January 2024
Portraits of Ukrainian refugees
From May 7th 2022
Chagall, in limited editions: Illustrated books
from May 7th to January 9th 2023
Marc Chagall, In the Light of Matter
from January 29 to April 25 2022
Marc Chagall, The passer of light
from 18 September 2021 to 10 January 2022
Cécile Bart
from May 22nd to August 30th août 2021
Colour and ink
from October 10th 2020 to January 11th 2021
In the land of the gods, Marc Chagall and the Greek world
from November 16th 2019 to September 21st 2020